A pre -order on Jagged Alliance 3 was opened without any “trinkets and early access”, throwing a stone into the garden Diablo 4

ThQ Nordic and Haemimont Games have just announced the opening of the Jagged Alliance 3 step -by -step tactics step -by -step tactics.

The authors are praised by the fact that pre -order does not have any intra -game bonuses of type "brilliant items, consumables or cosmetics", but simply offers a 20% discount on the pre -order. Please note: although it used to be said that there would be a discount on launch, it was replaced by a discount for a pre -order. At the stage of launch, the discount is not planned.

The developers decided to throw a stone in the Diablo 4 garden, hinting that they are not going to wave carrots in front of the players "in the form of several days of early access" And tease you "Laughing armor for horses".

Ah, pre -order! Yes, yes, you get a wonderful opportunity to quit your hard money to publishers and developers before the game is released! But why do you need to do this, you ask? After all, it is obvious that something special is prepared for you: a glorious promise of brilliant objects, consumables or cosmetics for your future game extravaganza!

That’s just. Just not in Jagged Alliance 3. Sorry to burst your pixel bubble, but we did not begin to type costumes for our cool Meruses. No, sir, no bells and whistles. And as soon as you thought it could no longer be, guess what? We will not wave before you with a tempting carrot in the form of several days of early access, we will not tease you with ridiculous armor for horses. Oh no! We immediately get down to business and save you from all infection. Because there are no horses either. And we also abandon any type of pass.

But don’t lose faith, brave game warrior! If you decide to trust us and the mighty developers of Jagged Alliance 3, if you are brave enough to make a preliminary order, we have something for you:

You will be rewarded with a 20% discount!

If you do not want to buy a cat in a bag, the developers promise to make sure that the press and the creators of the content can show the game a few days before its release July 14. So you will have enough time to understand if the game is what you are looking for.

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