A reliable insider spoke about the imminent release of the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition

Apparently, Sony Interactive Entertainment adheres to its strategy, according to which PlayStation games should remain exclusive for several years before they are available on PC. PlayStation Head Jim Rian confirmed this in an interview with the Japanese publication Famitsu in May.

A few days ago, an announcement appeared in the Singapore Classification Classification body, which mentioned Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, which will be released on PS5. Probably, we are talking about a version containing a basic game and a paid DLC Burning Shores.

Some fans also wondered if the PC version of the game was released simultaneously with the PS5 version. Moreover, Jeff Grabb launched a rumor about the return of State of Play in September of this year, which could become a suitable moment to announce the release of PC version.

According to information from the most reliable Billbil-Kun insider, the next Exclusive PlayStation that goes to the PC will be Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition. The game will be available, as usual, in Steam and Epic Games Store.

The insider could not name the exact release date of the game, but in his opinion the game will be released in less than a month.

Even if they pay me to play, no need. The game is too fecal and sugary cardboard instead of the worked out living Persians. In fact, marketers were sitting in Sonya and thought how to make a duty product on duty on the canons of Jubisoft, there are no ideological and creativity in the game, school fantasies about robosaurs.

Everyone is better than most of these.

You want to get it?

You just don’t have to play this delusional addition) and so, the game itself is very much, with changing moves, not boring and not very straining with a certain monotony. I went to PS5, and I didn’t even play the first part.

It would be better if Tsushima was released.

Damn there are discs with Tsushima and Tlora2 for two years and I haven’t reached the console, it is dusting)))

Keep us in the know

and The Last of US Part II in addition))

It does not interfere. The question of time is likely

Similarly, Tsusimo a bit has passed and abandoned, but Tloou 2 did not even open

I hardly questioned the first.

Even almost secondary quests did not pass, t.To. They "suddenly" Even more stuffy plot.
Although in truth to say the lorne part of the game is very good. Another thing is that she is hiding behind a showerful gameplay (IMHO).

I can’t say that the gameplay itself is bad, it is rather simply – on a specific amateur.

Specific gameplay for sonboys)

And that the thread did not find it more interesting there?

What. How to describe this, the typical aa dummy was the first part, I doubt that this even changed

In the first, at least the world was perceived in the novelty. In the second "Wow effect" The world has already disappeared, but the study did not better. Only fights with fur zavravs have become a little more interesting, due to the larger number of firing components (and due to the fact that some should be shown to be shot before the murder of a furzaurus), but you will not go far on some battles in the open world.

I left on the same battles in the first part so that I went on the game for Platinum. True, for this I had to put the maximum difficulty.

Even Sony is harmful. Do not want to release Bloodborne on Steam.

I would not refuse Ghost of Tsushima.
And Bloodborne is the final boss, they know how they want it. This will be the last ecca from the past generation that they port

I’d like to play. The first was wonderful

Loro at least.

This is the maximum, there is nothing more there.

Find a game with a well -developed Lor, which will be interested in studying me – this is already a great value for me personally. I like gameplay.

Plot, gameplay, and everyone else. A nice girl is the main character, but in the second she became not attractive, but it can be tolerated

All the same, Sony is strange guys. It would be better if God of War Ragnarok. The more they pull, the more people forget, the less sales and an advertisement will be needed on which they will not spend money.

Even a year has not passed since the release of the god of war.

They haven’t spoiled anything yet. only some kind of dude said that they were supposedly gathering.

And the first is so -so and the second

H-FW played 300+ hours because the gameplay and the weaving there are pleasant (given that the first part just dropped because the world is empty).
Gow-R scored because he fell asleep on a plot with an atreus. She is nauseous. As a result, the game is not completed, and there is no desire to return

Hmm, I read comments and just go nuts over fingering people, comments in general on the site, and not specifically in this topic. One thing is not so, the other is not a kind of one, only for 10 years they have been aching on their own all -in -law systems, which they cannot change due to the fact that you see if you give a cool graphics, but leave the system requirements at the 2005 level, give the others then They themselves do not know what and so to infinity, as if the traffic cop syndrome – I will still find what to get off ! I only have one question on this subject – you are not about. ate ?

Good news, but hard to believe that it will come to a PC so soon

the game is almost 2 years

Well, nah? Come on tsusimu. It’s time to push the island of the organized crime group in the cabbage, being an island sort of sophomic

good news, the sooner the better, PC is the best game platform for games

Well, of course … the first could not master then. Hoping for tsusima 🙁

what is there everything is easy.

A friend gave PS4 to pass this game, went with pleasure but burned decently because of the control, I hate gamepads, the clan mouse is the most convenient for me, for this I will go to the PC again, besides, the graphone will be more pleasant.

and that the clavat and the mouse was not fate to connect?

A "Elon" then everything grows ryahu

Why buy ps5? I don’t understand at all

Carefully. Gay propaganda everywhere. Play the game and immediately become gay

Why did he play in the first part and did not? It is necessary to go through the second?

I don’t like her fat muzzle. Yes, so for the living. But the truth.

The picture made my day! Sister Kolyan from real boys.)))

Well, bulbul-kun seems to be reliable

Well, we will wait and hope

I would not refuse Tlora2

Well, where is the announcement of the game on PC? State of Play has passed.

But there is no announcement) either an insider balabol, or a bit later separately announced.

State of Play in September of this year, which could become a suitable moment for announcing the release of PC version.

It won’t. Because the shits will look like. I also waited for a reticide on a PC. And after the State of Play, he made a quiet announcement a quietly.

Honestly, no emotions.

I want BloodBorne and demons, these are the last good eczes. The rest is not interesting or already ported.

It seems to me that the blessed on the PC will not be at all (given what interest in SOL-GRAM caused Elden Ring, it would be stupid to notorify the blessing under the noise and not cut the dough from the players who opened and mastered this genre. But since this has not done it before, then there are some pitfalls.

with mods you can play

The main mod on her chubby rifle so that it is and that’s it)

Yes, yes, first of all I thought about the same))

The expectability mode is included.

Yes, 100% will be, and 100% soon, I won’t wait!

late. Billbil-kun was ahead of you with this info. since you have 100% irrefutable evidence. it was necessary to publish them before. And now everything is already. late. Live now with this.

It should have been understood for a long time that almost all games have been portended and will portle on the PC, if you thought purely for exclusives to take it, then it is no longer worth it. Now PS5 can be bought purely just to play the first, but if there is no PC, then collect at least PC at least the average game for license and piracy, and you will buy PS5 after if you want to so much.

It would be cool, the first part of the normal gam came out

Come on, let’s faster)

Well, fine, the first part came to me very much

you have passed this despondency? I was enough for 3 hours. Even the daughter at that time said for 8 years – boredom.

Well I do not know.I liked it very much.

I wonder what graphics will be on a PC, because everything looked just amazing on the five.

And there is a mod on a slender ela ?

The mod on the altered face was one of the first mods for the first part. So this will also come up quickly

Just a week ago I went through the first part.
Initially, I was skeptical of this game and considered it the next passage with Openvorld. But having acted personally, I can say that the game is quite suitable, not without roughness, of course.
I’ll start with the minuses:
-Graphone. More precisely, the faces and their animations – they do not look very pleasant, and a crookedly lipsink at the beginning of the game only exacerbates this feeling.
-Parkour. He is generally no nobody and illogical. Ela can climb the little ledges on the steep cliffs, but only if for her these ledges someone carefully marked with white paint or a yellow rope. But on a wooden ledge perfectly suitable for climbing, she will refuse to climb flatly. What is very annoying.
-AI opponents of people. Well, in general, the default problem for most modern games.
-Stealth. He is no. Just take a word. In general, it is not clear why he was added here.
-Limited equipment. Generally an incomprehensible gamemeradery solution. If you limit the inventory, then do it somehow logically. And here Ela can carry an inadequate giant bunch of things, but not endless. In my opinion, it would be more correct to make the inventory for mods and resources endless, and leave the inventory for ammunition and consumables as it is. Plus to prohibit the possibility of craft during the battle – this would increase the significance of improving bags for ammunition and consumables.
-Only four slots for equipping weapons into quick access. There are more than 10 types of guns in the game, and all of them are quite interesting and in battle I would like to juggle them with all, but alas – a wretched console wheel does not give such joy.
-Plot and quests. They are not interesting and tedious. The main plot accelerates and attracts attention only closer to the finals. Side stories are also dull. And even the death of the characters are almost always shown to disgrace boring and ridiculous.

Cons is straightforward, good that there are pluses:
+Graphone. Or rather, the design of the furosaurs and the appearance of nature, landscapes.
+Side activities on the map. Yes, yes, towers and outposts, I’m talking about them. There are enough of them to have something to occupy, but not too much, so that they begin to strangle.
+Lor. He is awesome. In general, this is a rare example when the ENT is excellent, but the plot is very bad at the same time. Seriously, read notes and study the history of the forerunner here is much more fascinating than passing quests.
+Boevka and Mekhozavra. In general, this is the main Killerfic of the game. After passing the prologue and going out into the big world, I probably just rushed on the map and shot the nipples to the fur and. If the prospect of shooting nuppa does not attract you to the fur, then pass by – there is nothing to please you anymore.

Hm. I wanted to write a little comment, but I got a typical review for Steam. Perhaps I will publish this on the game page. XD

Let all their releases portend, who needs to buy.

Gran Turismo7 Let them release on PC.Then they will earn money and the number of players will increase

that in this Gran Turismo this? Ordinary races

Forza Horizon and Motorsport. And do not need Gran Turgimo. What is special about it? Donate shit!

If you don’t play them, then yes.There are no analogues of GT7 in

This game is one of two (?), or already the only one of the released exclusives for PS5?
but, no, she was also on 4k, the demon Salt current is now it

Then wait half a year to hack and for another half a year while the pants will be removed by the modders. The conclusion does not need to port it.

Sony usually does not put a day, the game on the day of release on torrents should appear, and mods will appear quickly

Some years? How about the ghost of Tsusima?

Crap and not the game passed yesterday Vesb the plot to collect different partners to give Lulei Zhirnoba to the Mongol

Oh, what about our eyes 🤓🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Believe in it with difficulty, t.to between esclices and and releases on the PC to pass for 2-3 years or even more

Days Gone. It seems 2 years old.

I really went out on a curling iron in 2019 and on a PC in 2021, but damn what a great game is a pity that it was underestimated, and there will be no continuation

Well, according to gameplay, the plot also does not shine, and even in the game about the zombie does not spread them in pieces.

Spider Miles Morales. Exactly 2 years between the console and PC, retrofernal. year and 9 months between releases.
I do not think that there are some strict time frame between releases on the console and PC. as bosses will say so the release will be. At least the day after the console.
In addition, Sonya has repeatedly argued that she would only strengthen the connection with the PC. So the reduction in the terms of releases is quite a logical move.
and it makes no sense to delay releases for a long time. The main sales are still made in the first weeks after the release. Well, a year is quite enough to prove people to buy a console. for this is Gooode. And now all so impatient. Not for nothing for example, in the same USS, all temporary eczes have a duration per year.

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