According to the creator of Super Smash Bros, “it will take some time to understand” what will happen next with the series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate really justified its name. Already at the start, this was the most complete set that the series has ever seen: all the fighters who have ever appeared in the previous units gathered together in the game, which was ridiculous saturated and served as nothing more than the holiday of the gaming industry. Of course, after such an event, it is natural to ask the question of where the series will go further.

In recent years, this question has been asked more than once not only fans and critics, but the creator of the Masakhiro Sakurai series himself. In a recent video, uploaded to his YouTube channel, Sakurai again touched this topic, saying that, at least in the current situation, it is difficult for him to continue the continuation of Smash Bros. Without him, since there is no one who could become a worthy replacement, which he had already mentioned in the past.

The question is what will happen next time? I mean what will happen after Smash Bros. Ultimate. One of the options would be the separation of the series itself from its creator. But now, at least, I can’t imagine the game Smash Bros. without me. You might think that this is a natural position for a person in my role, but I say objectively. I feel the same as President Ivat when we created a team for Smash Bros. Brawl. Now we do not have a person who could just take the reins of government into his own hands.

Then Sakurai talked about how the next Smash Bros game might look like. Having admitted that, given the huge popularity and success of the series, it is quite fair to assume that in the future, probably another new Smash game will appear, he said that it is difficult to say what it will be for it now. According to Sakurai, there will be a lot of time before he and his team can determine what will happen next in Smash.

Smash Bros. – This is a large-scale and important game for Nintendo, so it is quite fair to assume that at some point another will appear, but in order to understand how to do this, you will have to work hard. For my part, I would like to continue to cooperate with Nintendo as far as possible.

In the past, Sakurai has repeatedly said that the next Super Smash Bros game., Most likely, it will have a much smaller composition of fighters than Ultimate.

How soon we will hear something concrete about the future of Smash is still unknown, but from the moment the last DLC-Boevik released for Ultimate has passed almost two years, and the public appetite for the new Smash Bros., Of course, growing again. In any case, as Sakurai himself says, sooner or later, but it can be assumed that in the future the new Smash game will almost certainly appear.

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