Baldur’s Gate 3 will have a variety of scenes of torture and violence

Baldur’s Gate 3 should be the most exciting rethinking DND in the game, and terrible elements will be added to give realism to it. MU already knew that according to the ESRB rating, the game will have a lot of nudity and outright content. But attentive users drew attention to another moment – apparently, in the Larian Studios project, gaming and detailed test scenes will be added. The rating does not call terrible actions to torture, but the described methods that players can use are nothing more than torture.

The methods described in the ranking will be used to force enemies to disclose important information if the player decides to apply them. These optional techniques can change the dynamics of the gameplay, revealing the hidden fragments of information that otherwise could remain unnoticed.

In one of the episodes, players in the dialogs choose the method of violence when receiving information from the prisoner (for example, a blow with a heated poker with a spear with a spear in the groin, removal of nails on the legs); Most of these actions take place outside the screen, since it is clear how the prisoner reacts to pain.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players will be able to see how enemies suffer, hear the screams of pain and other cynical scenes. However, torture will take place behind the scenes. On the other hand, the choice of dialogs will allow players to use less cruel options if they are not intended to torture enemies.

In addition, Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of mature scenes showing violence and bloodshed, including "decapitation of a man behind a scenes with a raised chopped head; dismemberment of a woman with released insides; extracting the character of the character from the skull; Graving the eyes of a bound person". Drowned corpses and a sea of ​​blood will also be characteristic of the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

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