Battle of Boss in the new gameplay roller Lords of the Fallen (2023)

The IGN portal, together with the publisher of CI Games and the developers from HEXWORKS, presented a new gameplay video of the Souls-like action of Lords of the Fallen, in which they demonstrated a battle with one boss, including two brothers-brothers characters at once.

We represent Tancred, the Master of the Punishment, and his brother Rainhold of the walled up, a couple of brothers with rather unique ties that you will face face to face in this tense battle with the boss in Lords of the Fallen.

already better but still some curvature is. one hell does not reach Miyazaki. But in general, I liked this video more than the past

Miyadzaki also has all -born animations, and also these comic rifts. But here they are precisely that the unfinished. At least dodging iPhrames look better.

There would be what to reach. To glued strokes or something, when a mob in a jump before landing changes the direction of this jump? Or makes a lunge in one direction, you leave, and at the time of the blow, it turns in your direction? Or to the Hitboxes broken to the line, when between the character and the weapon of the enemy, or not weapons, when not humanoid, the distance is almost a meter? Or to the bosses who cause damage simply because they wanted to turn, and it turns out to be a blow that you could not read? Now, of course, a fan of beating around the guides to remove the epic vidosiki for Tiktok, he will say that you need to take the wizard and from afar to scatter everyone and I compose everything, but I play the ring in the near battle with the dagger and these curves Animation of the bossi attacks (and not bosses) has already sophisticated to endure and then watch the recording of the fragranovo to make sure that this is not me with a curve, but the game. I especially like local dummy, when you do it, for some time you are invulnerable, even if at that moment you were literally cut/pierced/done something more, but God forbid you did this later or earlier and everything, the described begins. At the beginning, you were visually hit at all, but the game does not care, we glue the boss’s attack even if it was far away or just give damage. With the parries, the same thing when you really beat off the enemy weapon with a weapon or shield in your left hand, then this is not counted, although there is even a sound and sparks from a blow, but if you fall into the desired frames on Freimdat, then everything, the parcel worked and spit that your enemy spear sticks out in the armpit, and your left hand with weapons is already behind you, and the sparks from the parry is just in the air somewhere in the middle.

The lords have at least a decent battle, Dubovo, but I have not noticed the above yet

I completely agree, all this was – there is – and it will be, apparently?!

Yes. And I also forgot to mention that mobs spit on obstacles on the path of their blow, beat through the walls, stones, while the player has weapons about them. But "Kommersant, hardcore. " And "The game of the year" from everywhere. In what place is the hardcore and the game of the year, if they cannot be the main mechanics, and this is exactly the battle, to fix so many years. Enrages

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