Behavior Interactive announced the release of the new head of Dead by Daylight: Alien

Behavior Interactive announced the release of the new head of Dead by Daylight: Alien has reached PC and consoles and represents the branded science fiction-franchise Dead by Daylight.

The players now include xenomorph and his opponent Ellen Ripley. In addition, based on the classical film Ridley Scott, a new card was created "The fragments of Nostromo".

Chase Tul, assistant art director Dead by Daylight, said:

One of the most difficult tasks of this chapter was to unite the world "Alien" With the world Dead by Daylight. We sought to pay tribute to the original source, while retaining our game process and the universe we created, and we hope that the players will learn – and appreciate – familiar attractions and perverted changes in the environment from The Entity".

Yanik Neuli, designer of the game Dead by Daylight, said:

The ability to play the role of Ripley is an incredible prospect. Ripley has many tricks in the sleeve: the perks that allow her to silently step while running, and traps with pallets making her resourceful and powerful ally. She offers an incredibly interesting strategic counterpart, which will undoubtedly attract people.

Dave Richard, senior creative designer Dead by Daylight, added:

Xenomorph is truly one of the most mythical creatures ever created. He penetrates into our fear that he is hiding behind our back in the dark. The anxiety that he causes is only intensified by his striking appearance. We could not even hope that it is better to replenish our list of impressive killers".

While playing the map "The fragments of Nostromo" Players will face a new feature – steam pipes. They are activated if you pass by them; After a few seconds, a stream of pair breaks out of them, slowing down the nearest killers or surviving. The survivors can also interact with the panels of steam pipes to drop them and start again.

In addition, in a collision with xenomorph, control stations appear on any map. Survivors can interact with them to get a remote fire turret, which can reduce xenomorph secrecy. However, with prolonged use, it may require repair, and can also be destroyed by xenomorph. In turn, xenomorph can use the system of tunnels associated with control stations, for quick movement on the map and even see the steps of the surviving from above.

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