CDPR refrained from the publication of updated data on sales Cyberpunk 2077

The Polish developer and publisher of CD Projekt Red refrained from the publication of updated data on sales Cyberpunk 2077.

Yesterday, CD Projekt Red published its latest financial results for the 1st quarter of the current financial year (FY23) and presented updated information about world sales of the Witcher franchise. According to CDPR, the sales of Witcher 3 exceeded 50 million copies around the world, and sales of the franchise as a whole exceeded 75 million copies. Impressive statistics. It is interesting, however, that the presentation slides did not have any data on the sales of Cyberpunk 2077, and during the company’s telephone conference with investors, the senior vice president of the CDPR for business development Mikhal Novakovsky also dodged the answer to the question about the sales of the game.

During the Bloomberg telephone conference, asked about the number of copies sold around the world, but Novakovsky said that updated sales data would be provided when a new threshold will be reached. Bloomberg asked: "You called the total number of sales Witcher 3. What can we say about the sold copies of Cyberpunk? The next large level is still not reached?"

CDPR senior vice president of business development replied:

So, with regard to this issue, I mean that we announced the new threshold indicators The Witcher 3. And when we have the next portion of the Cyberpunk thresholds, we will also share the news. So I leave this as an answer.

Of course, this does not mean that Cyberpunk 2077 has not been sold well since world sales have been announced last year, and it may just be that the CDPR wants to have the franchise The Witcher so far in the spotlight. It should also be noted that earlier this year it was reported that the main driving factor in CDPR revenues last year was the sales of Cyberpunk 2077.

No new data on Cyberpunk 2077 sales has been received since last year, when CD Projekt Red reported that the game was sold in an amount of more than 20 million copies on all platforms around the world.

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