Developers of Moving Out 2 talked about special capabilities and help modes

The developers of SMG Studio shared the video and the article with a detailed description of the auxiliary modes and the availability of Moving Out 2. Referring to the leadership of the game and thorough game testing, they developed the game so that it was very accessible from the very beginning. Auxiliary modes and parameters are available for further setting up the gameplay in accordance with the player’s preferences or accessibility needs.

The video below shows many options and design solutions in action. Both the video and the article on Xbox Wire describe in detail the work done in three categories: auxiliary mode, quality of life, accessibility and art and design.

The auxiliary mode includes a number of settings that players can use to configure their gameplay. Players can turn them on at the beginning of each level. There are no negative consequences when using the player of any of these modes. The modes are as follows:

  • Longer time restrictions give the players more time to pass the level, but do not remove the restriction completely.
  • The disappearance of objects during delivery reduces the need to organize objects in a truck for export due to their disappearance.
  • Reduced complexity removes or slows down more dangerous obstacles at the level.
  • Skip the level when failing allows players to miss the level if it turns out to be too complicated or simply does not give them pleasure.
  • Lighter 2P items allow players to collect items for which 2 players usually require.
  • Moving in Snap+ eliminates part of the necessary accuracy, since the elements are fixed in place when they are close enough at the levels of Moving in.

In addition to options, attention to accessibility was part of the design of Moving Out 2. Rooms and mechanics are designed in such a way that they can be identified not only by color, but also by other signs. For example, portals have colors and icons to make them easier to identify and compare. Muffled environmental colors make portals even more noticeable. This eliminates the need for certain parameters for color blinds, which most often do not achieve their goal. Making elements more recognizable is also useful for people with cognitive impairment.

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