Digital Eclipse announced an interactive documentary about creating the legendary KaratEka

Digital Eclipse announced The Making of Karateka, the first game from its Gold Master Series series – independent projects dedicated to key designers, studios and games that changed the world. It will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in Steam in 2023.

“Our mission [with the Gold Master series] is to exalt these games, presenting them in the best light and placing them in the appropriate historical context. We called this approach “Interactive Documentary,” said Chris Koller, editor -in -chief of Digital Eclipse. “If you played in last year’s Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, you felt the taste of this approach. In Gold Master Series, we are going to immerse ourselves deeply in many other exciting stories from the history of video games “.

Alexander how Karateka was created, from the exhaustive archive of design documentation, game prototypes and completely new video functions. Like a museum walk, you can explore interactive time scales at your own pace. Chronology shows how Karateka has become one of the first games, including cinematic scenes, moving the original soundtrack, rotoscopically animation and a love story in the Hollywood style, which influenced the next decades of games.

At any time, play in the version of the original Karateka games with ideal accuracy to the pixel and in many previously not published early prototypes with rich quality of quality of life, such as preservation anywhere, rewinding back, choosing the head and commentary of the director. Then enjoy two new games exclusive for The Making of Karateka. Karateka Remastered is a completely new version of the original game with unbearable content, comments, achievements and many others. Deathbounce: Rebounded is a quick and crazy tween-style shuther based on an unpublished prototype.

The Making of Karateka is the first part of the Gold Master of the Digital Eclipse Gold Master, which represents cult games in an innovative format of the “Interactive Documentary Film”, combining the general history of games and their creators in one all -embracing bag.

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