Director of Lies of P talks about the difficulties of developing a game in the Souls-Like genre

September 19 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X (as well as Game Pass), another game in the style of Souls -Like – Lies of P about Pinocchio. Giwon Choi Director Gamesindustry about the difficulties of creating games of such a genre, about the growth of the popularity of the Soulsikes and that the developers are fans of this style.

[. ] We decided to focus on creating a solid action and make lies of p the debut single -user game from the Round8 studio. As soon as it was decided that Lies of P will be a well-oriented game, we devoted a lot of time to discussing her plot.

He claims that the popularity of this genre is growing, and even if the players wait for the appearance of new games on the market, this will not happen very quickly because "It is incredibly difficult to do good games in the style of Soulslike".

According to the director of Lies of P, he realized that they were newcomers when it came to the creation " Soul Licks". "This fact made us think less about competition in the market and more – about creating a game that will really like the players".

I am another of many Soulslike fans in Round8 Studio, and we wanted to accept the call and pay tribute to the genre that inspired us and brought us so much satisfaction as gamers. We believe that if we succeed, then we will be able to prove ourselves as a studio that can consistently create exceptional games, which we strive for.

One of the lessons learned by Neowiz and Round8 is that demo version is the best way to gain players’ trust before the final version is released.

From the point of view of business and development, a public demonstration in June convinced the fans that the game could be interesting and well optimized, and also gave us key reviews that allowed us to launch Lies of P in the best way, ”the director says.

The average Lies of P score on Metacritic is more than 80% (there are no user reviews yet), and in Steam the game received 84.85% of approval of more than 2200 reviews of players.

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