Everything is very bad: experts Digital Foundry released the technical analysis of the console versions of Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen – the latest Souls -Like game in the industry. Selling more than 1 million in just ten days. copies, the game showed itself much better than its predecessor of the same name. Critics also basically perceived the game positively, however, in negative reviews, users note problems with performance and malfunctions on the PC. Similar problems were observed on the console ports of the game.

On Xbox Series X and PS5 Lords of the Fallen can fall up to 648p at 60fps.

Digital Foundry recently analyzed the performance of Lords of the Fallen on Xbox Series X | S and PS5.

Both Xbox Series X and PS5 use aggressive dynamic resolution. In productivity mode, the resolution can vary from 648p to 1152p, which gives ambiguous results when reaching the target value of 60 FPS.

This resolution is not enough for stable work with a frequency of 60 frames per second: on both consoles, drops in frame rate are often observed. Stuttering is also present in both versions, but on the Xbox Series X they look worse.

Fortunately, in quality mode, the image is much better. Although it limits the game with a frequency of 30 frames per second, console gamers can enjoy the image in the range from 1296p to 1620p in this mode.

The game does not work at all on Xbox Series S, in some places the frame rate does not exceed 10 FPS due to long fades that can last 5-10 seconds. Frequency of personnel frequency is also characteristic of tense moments, such as a battle with the boss Pieta.

Resolution on Xbox Series S can fall to 432p, despite the lack of stable 60fps.

At the Xbox Series X at one of the moments, the performance fell to about 2-3 frames per second.

Fortunately, HexWorks has already released several patches for the game, and in the future the emergence of new.

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