For the Parquur Befuter Get to the Orange Door, The Dark Download Under Part II has been updated with new bosses and weapons

The publisher of the Hitcenta IGR of Bowling Grin (Kentukki, USA) and the developer of the Indie-IGR from the Middle West of the United States Arcade Coin (Andrew Smith) announced. that they released The Dark Down Under Part II update for their first -person Parqueter Get To the Orange Door, which is already available for PC in early access Steam.

The update represents many new functions, including the improved movements of Parkuru, the dangerous weapon of near -combat, completely new enemies, modifications for modifications and a sound support system that adds background tracks from war zones. Fight with new bosses, such as the golem and the mantis, and destroy them using the recently processed weapons Babe (Build a Bang Engine).

As one of the last survivors in The Shaatter, use advanced mobility skills and arsenal of weapons to resist the global threat of The World Sentinel. Jump, rush and run along the levels in neon -won light, teeming enemies, and all this under a rhythmic soundtrack in the style of a synthesizer wave. From shotguns to snipers and pistols – choose from several types of weapons to destroy the enemies that block the orange door at the end of each level.

Apply even more damage with the help of recently added in close combat weapons: cut the enemies in half and reflect bullets with a katana, break through any armor with a spear and destroy the nearest threats with a hammer. Test eight completely new and rethought levels, from the stretched and expansive Eshwood thicket to a dizzying vertical rise on wood husk.

New improvements in the quality of life include a more understandable user interface, simplified HUD and processed menu. Repeat the levels several times to open hidden secrets at each level, improve skills and abilities and earn more prey.

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