Fresh gameplay and new details of the ambitious action Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Game based on a popular film "Avatar" From developers from the Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft studio will be released in a week. In honor of the impending launch of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the project has become the main theme of the next number of the popular Gameinformer game magazine. Along with this, new personnel with a demonstration of the gameplay appeared, as well as details from developers.

Journalists from Gameinformer published a special Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora trailer with a previously shown game gameplay, as well as frames from the Massive Entertainment studio. In the presented video you can see a variety of regions, unusual flora and fauna of the planet. The publication also managed to find out directly from the developers several gameplay points.

It is reported that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will support the cooperative mode of up to two players. The progress of the passage will be counted in parallel for all users. Massive Entertainment noted that the events of the game unfold against the background of original films, so you can find references and mention of familiar characters.

According to the developers, the main enemies of the players will be people and their dangerous inventions. As in films, in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you can exchange consciousness with creatures, which will be about seven, of which two will be riding. Massive Entertainment confirms that it is already working on plot additions for the game, which we will learn about after the release.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released on December 7 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

will be published in a week. What?

Running animations and rope raising from Far Cry 3.

A month before the release, and they show flickering textures. And this is on the demonstration of gameplay, for the entire Internet..

I already see how 5FPS will be on my system

What system should you have that it was 5FPS?

Three kopecks ambitions

Will it be possible to choose a gg ? I don’t want to play for a woman

To make open beautiful and atmospheric worlds not to occupy this from the anniversaries, but there is nothing new or interesting in the game, everything is the same, it upset, but expected.

Well, what else can you come up with. Everything has already been invented, the differences of the current in the wrapper, the rest in games and films will be the same, the performance of tasks, the plot of which is known to everyone since all the plots are invented in the world already, plus the mechanics of the games can differ, but in the end they are all the same and those It’s just in different wraps, the missions will always go there, do it, talk with that, find that, kill you, etc., everything that a person can already imagine and will be in a circle and consume those who are newborn people and old people and old people Thus, they saw this will be content with a repeat of what they have already seen, you can’t think of what is no longer invented in the heads and fantasies of people, everything has already been invented, but in different ways it is realized under different wrappers, how you do not name the game, how it is not decorated and it is not decorated and it is not decorated and it is not decorated and it is not decorated and Do not give this game, and the mechanics and the task in the game always alone depends on the lurk only on the genre of a particular game,And the anniversaries, how not to turn, can be able to jeel beautiful detailed open worlds of not small sizes, it is better than to fulfill the same tasks that in all games of the world in narrow refrusts, when the space is large and beautiful to roam it, the moon is the same empty and nothing, but nothing, but nothing, but It is intention to wander along it, but there is nothing to do there

Yes, the mechanics and the basis of interactions and consequences are all the concepts, but the point of not to tear the ass inventing that it is new, but the point of presenting it is new or original, and this is limited only by the imagination and creative approach of developers, films for example, their genres are not like that There are a lot of usual militant even with a template plot, sometimes the authors manage to serve it so interesting, or in an original one that, as a result, it is well welcome since boring dull templates are tiring and not remembered … And the anniversaries could finally gain determination and give green light to creativity without the pressure of marketers and investors and finally abandon the notorious towers, running around gigan empty locations and a liquidly smeared plot, etc. Moreover, the developers perfectly understand this and do not hide their desire to introduce a lot of new and interesting (the anniversary, by the way, was brought together in this), but the needlework is afraid to go to the experiments, suddenly he will not burn out, suddenly does not come in and the so on, they stop at the trusted hackneyed templates, continuing pull the converse strap of one and the same, just gnaw. Look towards the developers, no one crushes them, as they wanted to do it and how many original ideas and creations came out, and many then go out opening their small studios and grow and release not rarely frankly grief.

But in fact, not one indie, the studio did not give more than one suitable game in which I would like to play, all the games in which I want to play and play only from major developments, and this is not online, I don’t like online games, the biggest has the biggest Game conveyor what is very good and often from the anniversary of the good, in recent years have been reduced a little momentum in favor of slag online Donatian undergraduate, better sawing single, as always they can do it, the only online game from them is the best of all online games are divisions 1 and A little divine 2, the rest of the online games sucks full, well, the Racing of the Cruitor Motorfest and the Forz Choraison 3-4 and 5 are good, although 5 part is so-so, degradation in relation to past parts, as a result, there was a Starfield, something unusual, a lot of mechanics in a simplified form in one bottle, so to speak, the first something new, but many of them were shifted for this, but the game is good,Analogues of an analogues so far and in the future of analogues have not yet been an an ances with such mechanics of the suit and scope in one bottle, it understands that separately mechanics from Starfield have already been and are better realized in its own way, but so that it was all together in the sandbox with a large scope No one was released, it is clear to people of the action of the action either something else and the Starfield is not for them, but they want to do all the games for them, but alas, not everyone likes what others like, many people like all this indie and online Donatny, and I just do not need all this at all, and many who against my taste will take a toce that I am not like them that I am supposedly worse than them and so on, but alas, they are essentially even worse in my eyes since Indie Schlak is really worse than good large single single projects, but they do not convey it and let them play what they want,But they will stand on their own and yell that you can do better and dictate their intrinses to the masses, which proves that this is the problem of the human form to be like that and argue with others due to a variety of tastes

I understand if a person does not look towards the developers, this is his business, but there are overwhelming most who monitors this, and slag is everywhere in AAA projects and in the easier and if you take the ratio of indie and large games and level it in originality and Interesting and large games are not behind, do not look only from your bell tower, I can say that with age the tastes are changing and it is quite possible you look in the other side)). I described in the last comment the general picture and trends and why the game industry prevails in the game industry, Danata and online are superfluous, do not clog your head, play what you like, read more and interest what happens in the media space, of course, it’s nice. It was chatting😉

Black avatars will be?

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