Geralt’s voice actor from Rivia shared theories about The Witcher 4 plot

Nobody outside the CD Projekt Red knows what the next Witcher’s game under the code name Polaris will be about. Including Geralt himself from Rivia, but the actor voicing him, the dag of the Cow, has several theories.

In an interview with IGN, Kokl made it clear that he had no insider information about the next part of the game, which has so far been presented only by one image demonstrating the witcher’s medallion in the snow, but shared that, in his opinion, it would be in Polaris.

"There will not be a herald in the center of their attention. They said so, so I can’t wait to find out what they will concentrate on. I have nothing but a few ideas", – Kokl said.

Some people saw the image of the medallion released by CD Projekt, which looks like a lynx. They said that perhaps they would return to the past and consider the origin of the Witcher’s schools and the like, and perhaps they will focus on the witcher from the Lynx school or something like that. I’m just saying what other people said.

Currently, the Lynx school is not part of the history of the Witcher, but the cat school is yes. At the same time, unlike the Netflix series, the medallions of the witches coincide, if they belong to the same school, that is, all the cat medallions look the same, all the wolves are the same, and so on, that is, the lynx of the lynx is essentially unprecedented.

Of course, a lynx is a cat, so a new medallion can be a branch or variation of a previously created school. Interestingly, and this is due to another popular theory mentioned by Koklom – in books "Witcher" Cyrie wear a cat’s medallion.

Warning about spoilers to The Witcher 3 and a series of books ahead.

The best theory that I heard, because it really makes sense, is the theory that they will focus on Ciri in her adventures in one form or another, form or form. In the books of Ciri, he travels between measurements and between worlds. This is one of her abilities, and she does a little in the game. Therefore, I think that for Witcher 4 it would be very interesting to focus on the adventures of Ciri. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they seemed to prepare her for this because you can play for Ciri in some episodes of the game. Therefore, it seems to me that if they do not do this in this part, then I know what the Witcher 5 will be about, because it is just logical. But I do not know. I can’t wait to find out.

At one endings of The Witcher 3, which is considered the most canonical, since its plot was continued in a comic book series, Ciri herself becomes a witcher. Thus, the game telling about her adventures undoubtedly makes sense, and fans have long been put forward by such assumptions.

Polaris has long been preparing for the exit: CD Projekt Red Adam Kichinsky confirmed that another Witcher game is under development, back in March 2020, and even then five years after the release of The Witcher 3 passed. The developer showed a teaser image two years later and confirmed that the game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

Polaris entered pre -production in May 2022, and in October, after some hints of CD Projekt Red, it was confirmed that it would become the first part of the new trilogy about the witcher. Before the game, the game is still far away, not earlier than 2025, but almost half of the CD Projekt Red is already working on it.

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