Gry-Online compared the duration of Baldur’s Gate 3 with other role-playing games

Larian Studios recently reported that the Baldur’s Gate 3 will take about 75-100 hours, and even more time will take all secrets to open all secrets. Is it so much compared to other classic role -playing games? The editor of the Polish game site Gry -Online Yakub Blazhevich decided to find out about this, comparing the time that is required to complete the game – both on average and with the study of all secrets. To do this, he took advantage of the statistics collected on the website Howlongtobeat.

Of course, do not forget that in the case of BG 3 there are only evaluations of developers. Yes, developers usually have a good idea of ​​the duration of their games, but it happens that they underestimate the players.

Techland, for example, was the right to take about 20 hours to pass the Dying Light 2 Stay Human (the average indicator according to the HowlongTobeat website is 24 hours).
However, to study the entire content of the game, the developers missed with 80 hours, regardless of interpretation. The average HLTB indicator for the full completion of DL 2 is 100 hours, and when performing all side missions with the main plot, about 49 hours are required.

In addition, it should be noted that the statistics of Howlongtobeat are based on voluntary data of players. In this regard, you should not perceive this statistics as truth in the last instance. With this in mind, this is how the estimated duration of Baldur’s Gate 3 is compared with a series and a number of classic role -playing games:

The second column is the average time required to complete the game (ANY%), the third column is the average time required to complete the game (CompleTionist).

Even before the exit of the BG 3 in early access, Larian Studios estimated the main storyline at about 40 hours, and for the entire game – about 100 hours. T.e. According to those estimates, the duration of the game would not stand out against the background of the previous parts of the series and other classic role -playing games in general. However, now it’s not.

As we see, none of the games in the list requires more than 60 hours before the player sees the credits, including the Baldur’s Gate Dilogy.

Quite many games can be passed in less than 100 hours. The exception is the full versions of the two games with three DLCs: the continuation of Pillars of Eternity and the second part of Pathfinder. The third is the expanded Baldur’s Gate 2 remaster, which also includes expansion content, plus four new characters with their own plot lines.

Surely there are gamers who, having seen such a huge difference, will decide that the developers were simply exaggerated, artificially "Having scored" The game with additional content. Perhaps it is, but – even if you leave aside the aforementioned issue of comparing assessments with real statistics – the duration of Baldur’s Gate 3 should be the result of the provision of the opportunity to make real significant decisions, and not just the illusion of choice.

A year ago, Sven Vinka – the head of Larian Studios – mentioned that the BG 3 is a dream project for the team: a role -playing game that will give players (almost) as much freedom as paper dungeons & Dragons and others "desktop" role-playing games. This was a difficult task, and as a result, Larian had to significantly increase the scale of the project and, accordingly, the size of the team working on it.

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