In patches 1.48 for American Truck Simulator will appear dynamic advertising shields

Some of you may have noticed that real assets of the Schneider National recruiting campaign, one of the largest logistics companies, have appeared on game billboards in the American Truck Simulator. Despite the fact that we previously used intra -game advertising shields to demonstrate various exciting updates, such as the emergence of new Kenworth trucks and advertising promotions for our WOTR event, this new addition is now at the testing stage, and we believe that it is relevant. We promise to offer something valuable for both our games and for the automotive industry.

Our main intention goes beyond simple advertising. We strive to provide opportunities that will organically attract attention to interesting details in our game world – valuable things and deeper meaning. The introduction of the Schneider National recruiting campaign is even more based on this vision.

That is why, when Schneider National turned to us to help them in their staff campaign, we were happy to cooperate, as it represents something new, and also allows us to satisfy the needs of the cargo transportation industry as a whole, given the current lack of personnel. qualified specialists. Schneider National’s reputation and legitimacy, as one of the leading logistics companies in the United States, is not in doubt. We saw in this partnership a chance to go on a new trip and conduct experiments that can potentially have a positive effect, and we are grateful to Schneider National for this opportunity.

We respect your game experience and want it to remain pleasant and exciting. We believe that the use of industry content in the game can be both relevant and useful. In addition, countless players passes by our game billboards, who knows? Someone may stumble on an ad for a job, which will encourage him or his friend to consider an application for work in Schneider National or, possibly, think about a career in the field of cargo transportation.

At the moment, we have chosen ATS as a test landfill for these dynamic advertising shields. Starting with content only in English, we can focus on clarifying the experiment without the difficulties of localization.

The positive reviews that we received from those who noticed this change inspired us to further study the capabilities and provide significant visual resources that go beyond traditional advertising. Together we will be able to create a more exciting and purposeful game world, and we are very happy to see where this partnership will lead us in the future.

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