NVIDIA connected GPT-4 to Minecraft and saw the new AI potential

Nvidia created a bot for the game Minecraft called Voyager, which uses GPT-4 to solve intra-game problems. A group of developers, which included Anima Anandkumar, director of machine training and professor of the California Technological Institute, managed to achieve that the language model began to generate goals that help the agent to explore the game, and the code that improves the bot skills in the game.

Describing the capabilities of Voyager, Ars Technica clarifies that he does not play as a person, but is able to “read the state of the game” directly through the API. For example, he can see a fishing rod in his inventory and a river nearby and use the GPT-4 to do fishing and gain experience. Then he will use this goal so that the GPT-4 generates the code necessary to achieve it to the character.

Over time, Voyager creates a code library to learn to do more and more complex things and explore the game. The developers presented a diagram that demonstrates how the abilities of their brainchild are exceeding other Minecraft agents. Voyager receives three times more items, enters a distance of more than two times further and creates tools 15 times faster than other AI agents. NVIDIA developers say that in the future these results can be improved by adding visual information from the game to the system for analyzing the game.

It was the games that traditionally served as a testing ground for AI algorithms. For example, the Alphago program, which in 2016 has mastered a rather complex game GO: DeepMind used it to create artificial intelligence, capable of independently learning the game on the ATARI 2600 console. Alphago used the “reinforcement training” method when the algorithm acquires skills in the game, receiving positive and negative reviews, for example, the score inside the game. In Minecraft, where there is no account or set of goals, and the player’s actions can pay off much later, and the developers, and Voyager had more difficult tasks.

According to experts, while most chat bots, such as ChatGPT, demonstrate their eloquence, Voyager is able to reveal the potential of language models to perform useful actions on computers. And if you focus on using AI in this way, it would be quite possible to automate many routine office tasks.

I would like a game where all NPS acts according to this algorithm. Within their framework, of course

As far as I know, all attempts lead to two results, or nonsense will beg each other or another or the game will pass, or even all together, and before the player arrives.

Apparently accurately create "in the image and likeness".)))

Well, that’s why I said that you need to have some boundaries of the permitted)

The main purpose of intelligence break/bypass restrictions and develop.

Restriction: a person does not know how to fly.

Intelligence invented an airplane.

So it turns out that the intelligence is either unlimited, or it’s just a set of scripts.

Or you "Pixel spoke" It is necessary?! Why do the developers need this? Recall "Oblivion": Nesi slept, worked, walked, but many players from this noticed that they were eating, and then because of the quest. So with "pixel talkers", most players will play the game, not in "Chat Bota", The remaining about 15 minutes will pamper and forget. And they will communicate with others: relatives, friends, work colleagues or idleness, other players. And for completely "autists" There are already chat bots.

So it turns out that these developers "Pixel spokes" can only be needed as additional "anchor" to the Internet, and an additional way to collect money. Almost like "Yes_nu_", Only at the same time will receive quite liquid applause.

But you at least argue your point of view. And some are not at all meaningful to answer and indicate where I wrote a lie simply put a minus.

In general, the ratio of people with intelligence and limited clearly show the assessments of my messages.)))

Cons, just the same, due to your unreasoned answer. You see everything in black and white. (And how else to understand the friend-friend will beg and pass.) The second option at all, does not contain a semantic load. After all, to pass the game of an end in an end, practical of every game (for the majority). Here is the text of the captain of evidence.

In the same Main, I do not see the goal in the game (I come up with it myself). And the majority, suggest the murder of the dragon, the final cele (like the outfits, although this opportunity appeared later, after Skyrim). Which AI did you mean, it is also not clear.

The same Radiant Ai from Oblivion to the full version, NPS bought all products. But in no case is the extermination of each other. The player was banned to kill the plot NPS, and the AI ​​could not do it all the way. It was an opportunity in Morra, having killed the NPS, to threw a quest. Betesda could not optimize AI to the release date, and simply cut most of the possibilities, leaving marketers with a nose in front of the public, replacing AI with a script with a script.

In Warcraft 3, the Open AI team generally made (purely my opinion) without similar AI. I was struck with my mouth open how all this is generally possible. And this is in the old patches of the Garena era.

You could order an ally of any well -known tactics at that time (era of e -sports under the auspices of Samsung, eh, if not for the policy of companies and a couple of years in the same spirit, right now, Samsung would steer in e -sports and not Valv).

Any nubas in Warcraft could play 2×2 against two computers, and watch how II plays for two. And this AI was completely deprived of cheats in the form of double money, etc.P. from the nearby support of a computer enemy. He led every wounded unit.

In Dota2 (New Time) AI beat literally all champions 1×1. And in the trail. The year lost 5×5 from the stupid cut -up of opportunities (Insta Hax) and choosing a community of heroes for AI (stupid competrates, of course, thought to give the most ugly and more than one in the late stages)
And when I shot Chat-GPT, I was not surprised that they could.

In Minecraft AI is generally brilliant. The Baritone mod itself is going on ways, calculating almost from visual information. The only use of course on 2B2T servers and in a single world where it does not harm the community

In the same Warcraft, Openai added an incredible amount of hours to rampage. If at the same time that you need to pass the campaigns for Varick, spend on the game with computations of battles. You could learn how to benefit all computers from nearby with his chiter economy. And Openai added a comparable to this skils about 300% to rampage. This is even at the time of the exit of AI, which Warcraft Community generally released so much tactic at WCG games that AI absorbed in itself.
So for 15 minutes, the real nonsense is not supported and not reasoned, based only on assumptions. Even the players like gambling ached that the game was not passable if you decide to go to the bard. Negumanodi’s non -loves do not know what trade is, so when the level rises, only combat skills rise. Even the trimmed AI showed that NPS can be used. They got used to you and appeared near the prison if you downloaded the skill for a long time.
It’s like with Chat-GPT, it has long been among us (like satires in Titan Quest: D). But they began to indulge when it has already really been applicable. It seems to me people are divided into: who understand how to apply it, and those in which the brain masters only basic functions of AI. The latter just refer to hype, because they can only indulge like children (they do not know all the functions of objects)

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