Peter Parker meets with a cracker Crave in the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A gameplay roller from the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 plot campaign appeared on the Web, in which Peter is trying to fight the hunter cruise. It is not yet known whether he was released legally or not – Sony has not yet removed him, so let’s see.

As already mentioned, Peter appears in the videos in a Sybiot and Craven costume, and the latter is a really dangerous opponent: during the confrontation, he soon discovers that Sybiot reacts poorly to sound waves, which makes his enemy flee.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 debuts in stores on October 20, exclusively on PS5.

It seems to me that the venom will be Craven because Harry is kind so, so they are doing something together, and Craven can get a symbiot in this scene, Peter can also become him, Venom will completely take possession of his mind and Mailza will have to save him

So there are arts and screenshots, where Pete, along with Morales, fight with the Venom.

This is the concept of art, the outfits can do everything to confuse the players, because at first, the inconspes said that it was not Eddie Brock, and many believed that it was Harry, because he was treated with the help of a Venom, but after the trailers there was little likelihood that it was Harry. The most logical thing is that Craven is Venom, as journalists claim that the main villain of the game is Craven. Most likely, the battle against St. Petersburg in the symbiote will be 100 percent, it is likely that he will become Venom, but most likely there will be the battle of Mails and Peter, because they hinted at this battle in trailers, namely, that Miles will save Peter from the symbiot of bioenergy. There are a lot of theories, but we will learn in more detail in the game itself or closer to the release. Either Craven, which is a lot likely, or Harry but is poorly believed in it, and Peter is likely to be presented in a fight with Mails in the form of a brutal symbiote. These are just theory, and so far no one knows for sure

The fact that Peter will fight with Mails this love, as this will unite it with 1 part repeating morality like everyone can fall. Well, at the end, Peter will understand that he turned into Octavius ​​and Maels was in his place

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