Remake Resident Evil 4 is recognized as the best horror of 2023

At the Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023, the best games in the Horror genre. This is an annual event held by Feedemic in Krakow (Poland), it is intended to award the most worthy representatives of the horror game genre. In 13 nominations – from such heavy games, from remakes Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space, to indie new, such as Signalis, a fierce struggle unfolded.

Among all the competitors, one obvious winner stood out: the Resident Evil 4 remake – she took the majority of the prizes, here is the full list of the Resident Evil 4 Remake awards on The Horror Game Awards 2023:

  • Best performance (nickname Apostolides)
  • The best soundtrack
  • The best gaming design
  • The best character (Leon with. Kennedy)
  • The game of the year in the genre of Horror

The honorary mention of the above was the game Resident Evil Village VR in the nomination "Best VR/AR", Having selected the title from its nominees – Afterlife VR, Propagation: Paradise Hotel, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners (Chapter 2): Retribution.

Winners in other nominations are presented below

Best sound design:

  • Dead Space won here, forcing the players at every step to look over the shoulder.

Best trailer:

    He returned and became even more terrible than before, having received a prize for his chilling trailer.

The best multiplayer game:

  • For lovers to play with friends – Outlast Trit.

Best plot:

  • The convincing story of the game Signalis brought her the highest rating.

Best Indie Horror:

  • Signalis won again.

Best art design:

    received this award for an unusual visual design.

Award for life achievements:

  • Michael Hedberg, known for working on the games of Alone in the Dark, Amnesia: Rebirth and Soma, was awarded awards for life achievements.

Of course, there will be a lot of discussions around the fact that (fantastic) remake of the game of 2005 absolutely knocked out the floor from under his feet (mainly) modern competitors, and what this means for the genre and industry as a whole.

In addition, taking into account the Silent Hill 2 and the Dead Space remake (not counting the awards for the life achievements of Michael Hedberg, who is currently working on the new Alone in the Dark), a total of 7 out of 11 awards went to classic horror-game remakes. Whether the classics will become even more, because the studios and publishers seek to snatch their piece of the pie, and whether this will not go to the detriment of developers who risk betting on new IP in the future? Only time will tell.

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