Sam Lake was worried about the oddity of Alan Wake 2, but the famous film reassured him

Alan Wake 2 is a high -quality, but above all, a strange game that does not allow games by the rules, especially at the narrative level. The developers were a little worried about the idea of ​​creating a project of this type, but the creative director calmed down when he saw the film “Everything is everywhere and at once” in the cinema.

“Everything is everywhere and at once”-a science fiction film in which a middle-aged Chinese woman who emigrated to the United States and has great economic and family problems, faces multi-sized. In other words, a non -standard plot and that is why it was appreciated.

In an interview with Washington Post, Sam Lake said that the public reaction to “everything is everywhere and at once” encourages the creation of a project that plays in an equally strange way with the concept of reality.

“We have already advanced very far in the creation of the game, but this instilled in me the confidence that we are doing here at the right time”.

In particular, Lake was in mind the fact that the film goes beyond the traditional structures of the genre, with which Remedy always played, but especially wanted to experiment from the moment of development of Control 2019.

“I think that we are hostages of these ideas and experience a strong desire to find answers and invent answers. We are very, very striving to create rules and laws and define things, ”says Lake. “In fiction and art, it is important to try to get out of this situation”.

Lake notes that Alan Wake 2 is specially focused on this aspect. Wake is a writer obsessed with the genre, caught in the trap of the world, who actively challenges him.

“It seems to me that the vision of Alan Wash is quite limited, and this is one of the interesting disadvantages of his character,” says Lake. “If you play Alan Wake 2, you will definitely see that when it comes to the plot and narrative, it is not tied to one genre”.

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