Starfield is the most innovative game of the year? Gamers bewildered from the results of Steam Awards 2023

That night, Valve summed up the main results of the last year, voicing the winners of the Steam Awards 2023. The key feature of this event is that the winners are determined exclusively by users of the Steam digital store, the active number of which is several tens of millions. Nevertheless, their adequacy raised serious issues among the gaming community after in the nomination "The most innovative gameplay" Starfield won.

Any praise of the gameplay in Starfield seems as strange as possible. Even the developers from Bethesda SoftWorks admitted that they re -used gameplay developments from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4. In addition, the project received most of the criticism from the players solely due to a monotonous gameplay. In the same Steam digital store, Starfield has the latest reviews from the players were mostly negative, and the total project rating is only 61%. In social networks and forums, many gamers were at a loss from the results of Steam Awards 2023. Many surprised that someone could vote for Starfield in the nomination at all "The most innovative gameplay".

Innovative? This is probably the least innovative game that I have ever played" – Mark Horgan.

That in it is innovative? How to make the most boring game in the world?

The most obsolete mainstream video game has received an innovative gameplay over the past 20 years, which is damn hilarious.

What did the developers invented, how to make a tasteless, barren game and make your modding community completely abandon it?

‘What the fuck is innovation? This is literally the same gameplay cycle that has been used in every other Bethesda game over the past 20 years. It’s absolutely wild that it received at least some reward.

– Write outraged players.

There were also positive comments from fans and supporters, but they were not enough to overcome the wave of the negativity that raised after the results of Steam Awards 2023. Gamers were also confused by the victory of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the nomination "Favorite child", However, they have much fewer questions for this result than to the Gample Starfield.

Innovative failure perhaps)

So I knew that you would say so!

I’m waiting for everything to give "Thanks for the reward of one which means a lot to me" and he has in response "You are so miserable that we played you" And after the award takes Shadows of Doubt.

After Tod, no one saw and he died of a cring.

Such a h*VNA has not yet seen the white light

Consider everything bought. To see the same games with awards, such as a bunker with an apex, in the communion of others much more standing, it also got sick.

Lord, yes, this is clearly trolling as with RDR 2.)

I jumped into the off. Reddit by the Starfield and there people write that they put the dick Starfield Steel for the sake of and because of the memes.)

Although there were blessed ones who claimed that the editor of the ships and the procedural generation of the planets (. ) this is an innovation and this is not the case anywhere and it is simply amazing.

P/s: By the way, I won’t be at all surprised if Todd and the gazebo perceive it with all seriousness and in one of the trailers they will be crammed with a quote that in the stimen their game was recognized as the most innovative.

I won’t be surprised if Todd and the gazebo perceive this with all seriousness and in one of the trailers will be stuffed with a quote that in Steam their game was recognized as the most innovative.

So it will be 100%. When the joke went too far.

In general, all this Steam Awards is a complete clowning. And not even because of Starfield.

All because there is no protection against wrapping. It was necessary to allow voting only to those who owns a specific game, and not at all everyone.

There is still not enough ta-do from the meme

Cosplay of our Chumazik from ORT News.

Just not everyone understands.

I am normally related to the Starfield, but here I am of course also outraged what innovations can be there? Ancient engine and continuous loads.

Well, the results based on user votes, so they stumbled for the sake of rofls

The game is not bad, but innovative – this is definitely not half.

Enforces can be bad

Adults do not care about some rewards. There is your own experience and "Normality". Sranjfield – secondary fresh hat, three times chewed Cala Todd, this is a reality. At least let them be lit up with bonuses for the sake of Lulz or for bribes.

Here, I am also at a loss.

And clearly corrupt bitch, as usual, won, evil is damn money so for how much it was sold then ?

Base Strafield is the base

The time has come for the second commentary to the game:

The first comment was after the release of the game until December 2023. There was a 4th rating of the game, well, she could no longer get from me, given the developers, advertising and the whole hype. (The game went to 30-40 frames, on ~ medium-native settings)

Second comment: after changing the video card (on RX 6700 XT with RX580) and installing the latest patch updates 1.8.88 (only official, no mods), of course, the English voice acting was established. Now I can say the graphics has improved markedly, I don’t know what they did in patches – it has become more pleasant to play, naturally already having experience in the game, you can say a lot about trifles. Now playing is more interesting, although we have to avoid boring moments (because of experience we already know that we have boring). That is, if you run in the game of interesting "places" then playing is quite interesting, of course. But this interest in the game seems to be stretched as much as possible in order to extend interest in the game. For me personally, there is a strong difference in the game in the game – Starfield is much more interesting. Immersion in the game intensified very strongly, I don’t know, maybe in the settings, O_o was seriously subsided. I would raise the game from 4 balls to 6 balls for sure.

The first impression after the game is 4 points, the second impression of the game after the patch 1.8.88 and video cards replacements – 6 points.

It remains to change the menu to a beautiful, comfortable, unusual. (It is not convenient)

Replace repeating "moments" in the game or reduce them to a minimum. (Annoys)

Add unique "moments" On every planet and satellites. (We need the effect of VAUV)

Make interesting quests. (I have not yet seen directly interesting-pulling quests)

Minimize endless quests like bring. (Reduce the sandbox effect)

Add normal mini-guides, help, instruction. (Slows down dive)

More rare, unique enemies. (They are not really visible)

In general, 6 points, the game deserves and can deserve more, but this is after execution "finishing" Games at a high level the same as the Bethesda company positions itself.

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