Starfield will have a prison system that “is more like Skyrim than Fallout 4”

The Starfield prison system is more like prisons in Skyrim than the Commonwealth at Fallout 4, Bethesda said.

Today, Bethesda talked about how Starfield works with criminals, and it really looks like Skyrim. If you are caught by committing a crime, you will have the opportunity to surrender and go to prison for an indefinite period or pay a fine. Or, if you like to live on the verge, you can try to resist arrest and escape, but the consequences of an unsuccessful escape will be even more deplorable than the initial prison term.

In this plan "Settlements" Skyrim are more like a community from Fallout 4. "Criminals in jail!" – Says the leading designer Emil Paljarulo. "There is civilization here, there is a government, there are laws. And in several cases we really investigate the topic of crimes and punishments in our futuristic universe".

At least in Skyrim, the passage of punishment affects not only a moral state: depending on how much time you spend in prison, you will lose a part or all the experience gained to obtain the next level of skills. For example, if you have a 49th level and you are approaching the 50th level in a pocket business, then the time spent in prison will lead either to the beginning of the 49th level, or somewhere between them, and will not throw you away by 48 -i level or lower, as in old games of the Elder Scrolls series. In Fallout 4, the action of which takes place in the lawless world of the post -apocalypse, such a legal system is absent.

It is still unclear how the Starfield prison system will affect your experience, but, given that Pagliarulo affected the topic of crimes and punishments, we can assume that the punishment for the crime will be at least for inaccurate criminals who have been caught.

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