The author of Exodus “is not trying to compete with Starfield”, but simply wants to create “the best of the possible sai-fi universes”

James Olen is not alien to intriguing worlds in role -playing games, because he worked for two decades in BioWare on everything, starting with Baldur’s Gate and ending with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now he is working on creating "the best of possible science fiction universes" in the completely new Archetype Entertainment studio, but the first game of the Exodus team "is not trying to compete with Starfield".

"Oh, we are a different type of game than [Starfield]", – Olen says, answering a question about similarity. Instead, Exodus "More similar" The games over which the team, consisting of former developers Halo, Last of US and Mass Effect, worked in the past.

"This means that we still want to create a horizon where you feel that you can go wherever you want, ”the Olen continues,“ but at the same time we want the story to be holistic, with the characters that you can love or hate, and with arcs that capture". T.e. The deer, as it were, hints that his RPG will not be diluted 1000 useless planets.

As for the size of the universe and narrative ambitions, then "All this is a balance", – The Olen says. "If you look at what games we made in the past, then you can probably guess where the balance will be. But I don’t think we are trying to compete with Starfield".

Exodus can follow in the footsteps of Mass Effect, but this new "Unique" The Universe seeks to stand out. "We wanted to make sure this is the best science fiction universe that we could create", – continues the deer, making an additional nod towards his newly acquired freedom "make decisions both creatively and in terms of creating a studio and people with whom we work".

The publisher of Exodus is Wizards of the Coast, owners of Dungeons & Dragons, and Olen says that the company allowed them to make then, "What we always wanted, but often we could not, [and] now we have received this opportunity".

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