The authors of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous released the update deleting

As promised, OWLCAT Games quickly released a small update 2.1.5n for role -playing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The update is very small and is designed to remove third -party software, which caused anger in the community.

Thanks for the waiting, now you can safely enjoy your favorite game without any fears. We hope this whole situation will not affect your impression of the game. We deeply appreciate your support and thank you for an honest response!


  • Appsflyer application is completely removed from the game and all collected information is deleted;
  • The license agreement has returned to its last version. We clarify that reverse changes are also changes, and we ask you to accept the license agreement when starting the game again.

Why does it weigh 25 GB ?) if it is called to remove the excess

25 gigs weighed the patch itself, because he updated the game engine for future DLC. And this is just a micro-patch that removes that program for assembling statistics

They are the face of their game))) Analyst does not need the fact that players do not like to receive in the ass, which at the moment is plenty of, they already monitor the actions of the players, but at the same time did not give adequate alternative laser to this day. The entire narrative has ambiguity and in some places shameless sarcasm))) They are afraid of directness, although it is necessary to correctly understand what is happening, and at the moment in the game the mess is unusual. They only saved them that the player’s fantasist did not go against him, even being in fact in shit, he can still think coolly, but it is worth intending to stagger from the template of standard behavior and everything acquires a bad meaning, the gods and demons are bent and you I like it to this day. How this analyst helped them, or pattern for violence to this day Dohren and more times stupid fixes come out. ))) To this day, there is no sense in the worldview and in the choice of the gods because the myth will stick to the myth to which your mythical race "like", and shove Graily, which seems to be a yard, but goes against the template. If those who are registering there are several, when they finally have normal approval will occur? Here is just an example . There, on Lich’s grandfather of schizophrenia, when they pushing him in sanity, the grandfather during his life for Io shed, what a fig is happening there or he is not the one who gives himself out at all))) would have been determined already a pancake or even with analytics everything is difficult.

And what did it do?

Then what is bad about this?

This is the same as if you install the game, and the amigo browser is included with it. Why do you need third -party software for a PC that you don’t need? Many collect statistics without third -party software and this does not interfere.

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