The creators of Star Wars Outlaws said what is the difference between Kay Vesus and Khan Solo

Khan Solo – fraudster, robber, smugglers and hooligan. But in the chest of the adventurous villain a big heart beats, which leads him to become the hero of the uprising. There were many adventures and misfortunes in his life: troubles with the law, love intrigues, gambling and chases in the galaxy. Kay Vessa, the heroine of Star Wars Outlaws, looks in the mirror, and there is silhouette solo, but hidden under a different appearance, because in fact we are faced with a unique character in nature.

The fact that Khan Solo has become one of the sources of inspiration when creating Kay Wessa is also recognized by the Massive Entertainment Studio itself. In an interview with Edge magazine, creative director Julian Herait, reasoning on this subject, emphasized that Kay is not a simple embodiment of the character archetype, which Harrison Ford once played.

"At the thought of villains, Khan Solo, Lando, Indiana Jones, James Bond and Captain Jack Sparrow come to my head", – He explained. " As a child, I really liked the original movie trilogy. I liked Han Solo and Chubakka much more". But Kay differs from these characters precisely in that she is just a beginner, Zadir, " falling into a situation that surpassed all her expectations".

There is another common feature with Khan Solo – Kay has the same relations with Chui as a smuggler – a faithful shaggy comrade who is not a pet, but a friend, a companion and an ally. NIKS belongs to the type of Merqaal and very small, which makes it inconspicuous. As for gameplay, here Ubisoft introduces mechanics that give us the opportunity to launch mechanisms, misleading or attacking enemies.

Star Wars Outlaws will transfer players to the criminal world, where there is a battle between various criminal syndicates, the action of which unfolds in the era of the Galactic Empire. The game is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The release is planned in 2024, although the more specific release date has not yet been reported.

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