The developers of Alan Wake 2 discussed how the game encourages repeated passages

Remedy Entertainment has seriously proceeded to the Alan Wake 2 marketing cycle, which means that in recent days there have been many new plot and game details for the long -awaited sequel of horror to survival. During this period, several interesting moments stood out: from a game with two playable main characters – Alan Wake and a newcomer agent FBI Saga Anderson – before she allows the players to switch between them to test the story as they want. This, as you can imagine, will also add a lot of reigree to the game.

Speaking in a recent interview with VGC, the developers of Alan Wake 2 affected this topic, in particular, and how they found a balance that players could correctly understand the story without passing the game several times, but it is still recommended to make repetitions to see and see Test new things.

The chief designer of the story of Molly Malony described this as “a walk on a short rope“And she added that the study is also a key component of the game, which in many respects will increase the value.

“We want to make sure that the players will ultimately receive a minimally viable understanding, and make sure that all this makes sense,” she said. “But the study was a key element of this game. And this is not only a physical study of space, but also the fact that if you do not talk to Casey at this moment, you will not have to survive this conversation later “.

Speaker Kyle Rowley continued to explain the “multi-level” nature of the plot of the game and how he will prompt players to test it differently for several passages, even if one passage gives a “good understanding” of a comprehensive story.

“The story was written multi -layered in the sense that on the surface level, on the critical path, you will get a good idea of ​​what happened,” he said. “But in subsequent passages you will find things that may change your point of view a little, for example, the order in which you play for Alan and the saga, you will get slightly different points of view on the story, which can give you a slightly different view of history as a whole. So yes, we wanted, in fact, to allow the players to recall the game “.

The output of Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for October 17 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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