The next part is already in development? Santa Monica Studio is looking for a designer of combat systems with knowledge of the GOD of War series

Santa Monica Studio is most likely already busy developing a new part of the God of War series. Given the popularity of the adventures of Kratos in 2018 and 2022, you should not be surprised at this, but most likely you will have to wait for the game for several years.

God of War Ragnarok conquered the hearts of many gamers, and PlayStation studios had something to be happy, because in addition to the capital’s sales result, the game was highly appreciated by critics and gamers themselves. The ends of the ending suggest that developers can develop a series in at least three directions. However, before making a specific announcement, you should look at the Santa Monica Studio website, where several new vacancies appeared.

Of particular interest is the vacancy about the search for designer of the combat system-the company is looking for an experienced specialist to work in its headquarters. It is in California that the development is underway "new, non -anonized game". It can be assumed that at least one of the teams does not participate in the creation of a new IP, but is working on a new part of God of War, as evidenced by the description of the vacancy. Among the requirements, a high level of knowledge of the previous God of War is mentioned:

Must know God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022), be able to discuss combat systems, mechanics and enemies objectively.

It is worth returning here in 2018, when representatives of Santa Monica Studio in this way "opened", What are working on the next part of God of War, which eventually turned out to be God of War Ragnarok – at that time it was indicated that the concept of characters, gods and monsters were being searched for a concept designer and monsters. In 2019, the developers were looking for a senior designer of the combat system, which should also be well acquainted with the 2018 God of War 2018.

However, we pay attention to the schedule – even if the new project has been in development since last year, it will have to wait for its exit for at least another three years.

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