The short storyline of Modern Warfare 3 did not like the fans: “The worst in the series!”

Months preceding the output of Modern Warfare 3, gradually showed us that Call of Duty this year is not quite similar to the previous ones. Nowhere did this manifest itself as brightly as in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, which some players call one of the worst in the series, and not for the usual reasons why Cod campaign may be unsuccessful.

Fans indicate the duration of the MW3 campaign – four with a small hour against ordinary six to eight – and excessive passion for small "open combat missions" as evidence that Modern Warfare 3 was made in a hurry or did not receive as much time for development as usually allocated to the series. The official subredredit of the game is currently filled with a flurry of disappointment, memes and bewilderment about COD, which this year is not like itself.

"This is the worst COD campaign that I have ever played, and Warzone is 100% to blame for this", – Wrote the user D_ULTIMATEPLAYER in the current main message on Sabredite MW3. "What a slap in the face. I’m shocked and shocked".

Sledgehammer open combat missions are very reminiscent of Warzone mini-mission. These levels, which are approximately half of the campaign, are small missions in the genre "sandboxes", which depart from the usual for the series "rail" tasks. They look like cooperative missions in a single game, only some Warzone mechanics are used in them. I enjoy them, but it is strange how much the campaign depends on them.

It is possible that these negative reviews are based on incorrect expectations caused by the way Activison promoted Modern Warfare 3. It all started in 2022, when Bloomberg reported that Call of Duty would not receive a full premium release in 2023, and instead expanded for Modern Warfare 2. Activision later announced Modern Warfare 3 as a full -fledged game for $ 70. However, as we learned about the unusual composition of Modern Warfare 3, it became more and more like an addition to MW2, and not an independent game:

  • In Modern Warfare 3, all weapons and cosmetics from Modern Warfare 2 will be preserved
  • In Modern Warfare 3, only Modern Warfare 2 2009, a strange set of cards will be available at the start.
  • The game has no special mode of the joint game, instead of it – the zombies mode developed by Treyarch, which uses the Warzone map.
  • Modern Warfare 3 is bought and installed as DLC for MW2.
  • To access the MW3, you need to literally start the MW2 (now it is called COD HQ).

But there were also alarming signals, for example, that Call of Duty never received direct sequels a year after the release of the previous game, or that Sledgehammer Games will lead the main project Modern Warfare, and not the Infinity Ward familiar to the series. None of these elements causes much concern, but in the aggregate they draw a picture of the game collected if necessary.

Campances are not a priority for most COD lovers, but, especially considering that Activision began to release them a whole week earlier than a multiplayer, they set the tone for future events. The remaining elements of Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 10 or the day before, depending on where you live.

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