To get to the farthest planets in Starfield, you will need to modernize your ship

During the presentation of Starfield Direct, the director of the game Todd Howard told us about the insignificant but important detail of the technology of the Starfield universe and how space travel works. If you plan to explore all a thousand worlds, your starship should be ready for this test.

Instead of choosing individual planets and moon within the star system, you can retreat back and look at the stars located next door. For traveling, even real star systems are available, such as Alpha Centaurus.

These star systems are located at the distance of many light years from each other, and it is here that engraving is useful. You can "jump" into the star system that you have outlined on a star map. However, you have only a limited amount of fuel.

Fortunately, the engraving can be improved, and you will definitely want to do it as soon as possible. Some stars are unattainable for you, since the distance to them exceeds the amount of fuel on your starship. Undoubtedly, many secrets of Starfield are hidden on distant worlds, which only the most experienced pilots will reach.

The depth of the possibilities of setting ships in Starfield surpasses all expectations. Although there is an option that allows players to optimize the construction of the ship, you can also choose the details of which the ship consists of parts in parts. This includes everything, starting from the ship’s hull and ending with engines, movers and even coloring.

This will allow players to actively build a ship in accordance with their needs, whether it is the addition of sections that make the ship more suitable for the life of a large crew, or optimizing it in such a way that one resident can endlessly travel along the stars.

This choice, in turn, will affect how they can travel through the stars. A massive ship capable of transporting several crew members will have to dwell on several planets for refueling and repair and may not be able to boast of so many weapons for defense. At the same time, a smaller ship aimed at speed and weapons will be able to overcome huge distances and withstand several different threats, but it may not have enough crew to perform other functions.

With all this, players will not have to go too seriously to the creation of ships. Creating ships, you can be as stupid as you want. One of the developers noted that they spent most of the time to create ships, trying to make them as similar to animals as possible, and basically achieved success in their endeavors.

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