Tomorrow Phasmophobia will receive “The largest update in the history of the multi -user horror”

PHASMOPHOBIA: Ascension, named "The largest update in the history of a multiplayer game about hunting for ghosts", It goes on Thursday, August 17, Kinetic Games said.

Update also called ProgResion 2.0, will change almost everything in the game Phasmophobia. The basis of the game remained the same: collect friends and identify ghosts in places with ghosts using various tools to search for evidence. However, almost everything else in the game is updated and expanded, so that at the beginning of the renewal, progression is reset.

Although you, like everyone else, start Phasmophia from the zero level, everyone will be transferred to the Prestige 1 level, so you don’t have to unlock the cards and difficulties that you have stubbornly worked in the previous versions of the game. In addition, you will receive a small icon noting at what level you were before reset.

As for the actual renewal content, where to start? Models and animation of characters and ghosts are updated, the truck on which you move, redistributed, new tasks and evidence for the collection, new locations and interactions for research, new weather and light effects, new types of ghosts for identification and new equipment for identifying new types Ghosts – these are just some key changes.

Equipment will have three levels for each type of equipment, that is, your flashlight will open at 1, and then, as the level of levels moves through the new system, it will be improved to a more advanced level of level 3.

One of the examples shown in the previous preliminary review of the developers is the laser projector, which was completely processed. Starting from the ascension, the laser projector at the first level will be a flashlight in the form of a handle with a laser net with a small radius of action and low light intensity, at the second level it will look like an already familiar tool, and at the third level it will be similar to the second, but with a much wider range of action, illuminating almost the entire room. Regardless of the level, now the projector will need to be shining next to the real ghost, since the silhouette that you see will accurately match the position of the phantom.

Not all equipment items are subjected to such processing as a laser projector, but all of them will be divided into levels similarly, as a result of which the total number of equipment items will increase from 20 to 60.

The full version of the notes to the ASCENSION patch has not yet been published, but judging by what is known at the moment, this is a serious change that is worth paying attention to those who have ever been a fan of this game or was intrigued by it. It is also worth noting that the debut of Phasmophobia on the consoles of the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 will take place this month, but the specific date is not yet called.

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