Update 1.1 For a cooperative platformer Bread & Fred adds a multiplayer online game

Bread & Fred, a cooperative platformer developed by Sand Castles Studio and published Apogee Entertainment, brings tense acute sensations online with a multi -user update 1.1. on PC and Mac in Steam.

Participate in funny multiplayer draws while bread and Fred go on a trip to the top of the mountain. Become a partner, anchor and jump over huge abysses with climbing partners from around the world with the addition of an online cooperative, which is now available for single-ranking climbing sessions.

Cross the huge abysses and cling to the walls with all your strength, crossing the insidious tundra, and move from simple slopes to moving platforms, crumbling floors, sharp winds and slippery surfaces on the way to victory. Coordinate movements in perfect harmony or tolerate disappointment, lowering the face to the previously achieved heights.

Decide who will be anchored, and who will jump with the help of quick movements of the “stone-bumar”, and count the time to each jump using a convenient command “1, 2, 3, forward!»Intra -game emotions. Looking for solo experience? Change Penguin to Jeff’s Rock and overcome obstacles alone. For acute seekers with ice veins, set records in the glory hall Bread & Fred with an updated high -speed mode, which includes the parameters of the playing of the game and the settings of quick restart.

Explore hard -to -reach areas full of collection objects, and climb with style, adding new skins for a single game. Can’t cope with the cold? Facilitate icy pain with auxiliary options, such as endless jump and control points flags. Touch the melodies of the original Bread ( & Fred from Thomas Palazzi, which is already available in Steam and will soon appear in the services of streaming music.

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