New videos of the NEED For Speed: Underground 2 on Unreal Engine 5 are presented

Enterground 2 on Unreal Engine 5, a few new gameplay rollers and shared their projects and shared their projects and shared their project.

According to the team, the transition to Unreal Engine 5 was relatively good. They had to change several things, such as the strength of the tires, the entire structure of the project was converted, and now it is much more open for changes and, in general, very clean. Step by step things are re -introduced into the current project. There are also many new functions and corrections.

The entire loading and storage system of ascets is rewritten from scratch and allows many customizable codes. Adding any new type of visual update is very easy. This was done to resolve modding after the release of the game.

The game supports English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, English Spanish in the form of sound and Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, English, Swedish in the form of text.

Moddders will take care of future updates about visual accuracy. Currently, the priority is concern for the code base and the expansion of functionality.

It looks like an original with HD textures, in principle, as a remaster should look like.
A question in physics, if it is changed, it is no longer Underground 2, but the game is similar.

Well, of course, they seemed to try to convey physics, judging by the video, but still not that. the engines are different, according to this 1 in 1 in such things, even EA will not work.

where did you see HD there?The same original

In this part and Most Wanted (2005), the best physicist of machine management, I don’t understand why in modern races they make the same type everywhere, with drift drifts. I don’t like this at all.

What has changed?

The fact that this is a game on a new engine, and the whole new visual – do as you want.

The entire loading and storage system of ascets is rewritten from scratch and allows many customizable codes. Adding any new type of visual update is very easy. This was done to resolve modding after the release of the game.

When I watched the video, I also did not understand "Why if it looks the same". But with this post, this is the best option for how to update the game.

Firstly, the camera, it moves dynamically when recruiting speed and the video shows that the machine really flies by 300 km.h, not crawling like a snail. In the original, this function was carried out by the silence. Well, as if they read from the text, they carry the behavior of cars so that you can add new cars, a new type of tuning, and all this will work without lags.

It really looks like ONAL.

Who has any associations.

And when the game is ready, they will say "Nizya" and safely the project will be buried.

If it does not change the memory, then the creeping from the English Federation, but now they can not show anything to anyone.

In addition, the game was removed from sales for a very long time, when the deal with brands of cars ended.

The last show, where at Nissan 240sh traveled around the city, looked more painful, but went wretched, but everything is straight as in the original

It remains to grab graphically.otherwise it feels like nothing new was visually like it was.and the arrow could improve it was relevant in 2004.

wrote that the graphic part will be later updated

the 5th anreal does not even pull at all.

Not very impressed but.. What can I say . A few more years and fans of the house will make games . Moreover, it is better than players from EA and T.D. Because only the player himself knows what needs to be like that and not uncles who are constantly making the salary not that .

Brigade in the studio: what actually changed?
No, well, it is true, as if an ordinary mod was rolled up and added 4k, the question is that with "physics" will!?

wow what shadows, lighting, and atmosphere. Mmmm KUETA

In the first video, the shooter indicates the road. Question. Where does she indicate and to what point you need to get?

The only thing that infuriated me of U2 is the arrow) I understand that the canon, but I would like to see something like a strip on the asphalt in the direction that the arrow shows. Sometimes there is three trips and the arrow behaves not adequately. He turned, where she showed, but in fact it was necessary to go at all in the wrong turn.

I am not an expert, but it seems like in the NFS undergrand 2 Mustang never drove 320+ km/h/h

Unreal Engine 5 Where Are You?

In a large resolution, it also looks like.

Judging by what I saw – physics was very much changed. The machine has no inertia. As if the basic config from UE5 is used at all. Very bad, alas.

In any case, the original physics cannot be transferred.

a romeess, not a remaster

Cool, but also wretched at the same time, these square roads, boxes of buildings, etc.D. We need a full remake of UD1/UD2/MW/CB, but for some reason, morons from EA even deny the possibility of this)

Why is it to players? – We thought in EA and gathered on the knee already who was already a miserable attempt to repeat NFSU in a row, but with no one who has not been a lugging agenda, numb and shit of the soundtrack. And they’ll shuffle so – they thought in EA.

And so they will go to the bathhouse – the players said and provided low sales. Strange, they thought in EA, but the conclusions, as usual, will not be drawn and continue to release the vysers for the audience of whiners and offenders who do not even play their games, or make up a mathematically dismissive size.

Let go of the underground and live on. In 50 years, when the copyrights end on the IP, it will be possible to remover with the forces of enthusiasts warm, lamp NFS. True, the overwhelming number of players who knew and loved the trumphy NFS will no longer be up to him, but rather it will be interesting to be able to wake up in the morning and not to chat through the day, but every day to tell his grandchildren that in their time.

Py.SY: In general, it is strange that the Electronics still have not given the Potson by hand for the indicated homemade, for it is as a mayor. There, take and stone -star for attempts to at least mention GTA in an alternative project are pounding with a banhammer on the reel.

It’s better not to talk about MV. Earasts curse the day when released the game. They got so with her that in the end in the 12th year came out a gov-one MV 2012. So do not wait for generosity from the developments, never when the remake MV 2005 does not come out

The picture has become more pleasant. Who does not see changes – wipe the glasses.

There, 1 part promised on 4 anriala where he ?

Oh, I feel that EA will burn about this soon. That does not bode well.

As for the game itself, it looks so -so. Too dull, gray, damp and inconspicuous. Because of what, you can safely say that the original looks better, in terms of the atmosphere and, I would even say graphics as such for my time. But, to taste and color, as they say. People today "graphius" Give.

So they did not change anything. Reread the news – they simply transfer to the new engine and leave the code as open as possible for the resting by the rest.

So they did not change anything. Reread the news – they simply transfer to the new engine and leave the code as open as possible for the resting by the rest.

Em. You yourself, then realized what he said? That is, they did not change anything, but changed the engine. How is that. How can you change nothing, but change something? This does not happen))) In any case, they changed the engine, graphics and, judging by the video, transport transportation. And also, given that they will take a licensed soundtrack from the original game, then this is an additional ahtung, in terms of copyright. In short, explain for a long time, therefore I advise you to google what copyrights are and what they prohibit. But in short, the fans have already violated one of the points, which, at least, is that they took the game that does not belong to them, and try it, for free, and without the permission of the original copyright holder, move to the masses. Yes, you can talk about honest use for a long time and about the open code, but in this case, copyright allows EA at any time to cover the development of this remister, and even sue, for illegal distribution, in fact, their property.

In short, read about copyright regarding games, there the topic is very thin and requires that they delve into it.

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