Nintendo fans and Pokemon are furious from Palword and call for a boycott of the game

Yarny Nintendo fans and Pokemon opposed Palworld on social networks, accusing the game with the open world for survival of the explicit copy of the design taken from the PokeMon series.

Palworld was first represented in 2021, and not immediately people began to call it "Pokemon with firearms". As in Pokemon, Palworld presents many charming and cool creatures that players can catch and use in battle. However, in the gameplay plan, the game differs significantly from others: it is not only a survival game, but also includes adult topics as poaching, slavery and crimes.

Despite these differences, not all fans of Pokemon are satisfied with Palworld, believing that the new PocketPair game is not just inspired by Nintendo’s cult series.

An angry state of the design of the creatures Palworld, one passionate fan of Pokemon wrote in X/Twitter, urging others not to support the new indie game. A post, which scored more than 7,000 likes, reads: "I remind you, do not support Palworld, she does not even hide what is copied, but how much more she stole?".

One of the most sarcastic answers continued: "My friend so desperately wants me to play this game with him, but damn it. Why play imitation, if you can play a real thing, which is 10 times better than this fake".

People told me that there are hundreds of original designs, and not every of them is a egregious copy of Pokemon. guess what? I saw the rest, and, not surprisingly, 90% of them are definitely a copy of the existing Pokemon, and some of them literally consist of parts of their models.

This did not go unnoticed and some users began to ridicule fans of Pokemon in response, creating various memes in a mockery of such behavior.

As for the PocketPair developer, he disowned the comparisons with Pokemon, emphasizing the aspects of survival, which resemble games such as Ark: Survival Evolved.

It is unlikely that complaints, and calls for a boycott, on Palworld by Nintendo fans and Pokemon will be able to overshadow its success, because the number of fans is growing every hour. Today it became known that 2 million copies were sold in the first 24 hours.

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