Rockstar prefers the console versions of GTA 5, PC Gamers feel deprived

In September, Grand Theft Auto 5 will turn 10 years old. Despite the past time and advanced work on the next part of the series, Rockstar Games did not stop supporting her hit 2013. And although each platform on which GTA V was released receives a fresh update, not everyone is completely satisfied.

PC users are especially disappointed, who have long been feeling deprived of Rockstar. This problem became especially obvious after the release of the current generation last year. Since then, a number of interesting and, most importantly, exclusive functions began to appear for GTA Online on PS5 and XSX/S.

Among them, an improved schedule based on rays trace, new cars and new trials for the time can be distinguished. GTA+service was also created, which awarded players with monthly bonuses and prizes. It goes without saying that all these entertainments are available only to owners of the aforementioned consoles.

Of course, Grant Theft Auto V on PC also receives new content. One example is the recently released free update of San Andreas Mercenaries, which brings many new opportunities and events to GTA Online.

However, this does not change the fact that PC Gamers still feel deprived of Rockstar. There are more and more votes on the network expressing the dissatisfaction of the current situation. Here are a few examples of comments from Reddit users:

PC games have always been third-rate for Rockstar. We exist only so that they can double/triple sales of every major game, because they know that we desperately need them. If they can find a way to justify the collection of money from us for "Nekst-Gen Update", They will gladly give us all the missing content. But in the current state, they know that we will not go for it, so they do not even try.

This should not be surprised, Rockstar has always spat on a PC, despite the fact that the PC is one of their largest markets. GTA VI will first be released on the consoles, and on PC – after 4 years.

Rockstar has always been treated with PC Gamers as second-grade users. For the same reason, GTA VI will be available only for consoles.

It is worth recalling that the recent Take-Two financial report showed that GTA V was sold in the amount of 180 million units. Of course, a significant part of this amount is the version of the game for PC. It is not surprising that the PC community feels deprived and, in a sense, used only to fill the hand of corporations.

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