Starfield players list things that they would like to see in the game

Starfield continues to conquer new borders by the number of players, and although some design solutions were controversial at the start, it cannot be denied that Bethesda has another commercial hit. Despite the fact that Starfield is a new franchise, you can find many parallels with previous Bethesda games, and its nickname "Skyrim in space", given by fans, is not unfounded.

However, as in Skyrim during its release, Starfield has some features that, according to some players, do not justify their potential. A good example is a space trip to Starfield, which is criticized that it is nothing more than a lobby with a loading screen. Despite this, a wide range of random events that can occur during the flight on a starship, proves that this function has a sufficient depth. Similarly, the area of ​​the terrain in Starfield causes discontent to the community due to its fuzziness, but the scanner that can calculate the path to the designated place of destination is a brilliant development of clairvoyance spell in Skyrim.

To this end, Directorford has compiled a list of things, in which all the most popular disadvantages of the game are reflected in a convenient and understandable form. He not only received support from other players, but also caused a useful discussion about how to process these features. As expected, the first two functions relate to the study of the space and maps of the area, but there are other noticeable points in the list: processing inventory, the inclusion of the layout of the inside of the ship in the designer and the addition of ground vehicles similar to MASS Effect.

Although fashion, undoubtedly, to one degree or another, the majority of the wishes from this list will be satisfied, Bethesda should nevertheless finalize some functions in shooting content. In the end, Skyrim was able to configure the player’s housing through Hearthfire, and in the upcoming DLC ​​to Starfield, exciting space travels may well appear, which players are so eager for.

Ultimately, the release of Creation Kit will cause a rapid surge of corrections and unofficial patches to the game, and players, who are annoying some things today, will treat them differently in a year. Fashion for Starfield will most likely be aimed at expanding the assortment of armor, increasing the variety of near -battle weapons and finalizing the interface. Although it remains to find out how Bethesda will work with the content of Starfield after starting, the game out, of course, is closer to Fallout 4 than Fallout 76.

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