The latest update Merchant Shipwreck for Against the Storm adds a new event, new decrees and much more

Only a few weeks have passed since the Sentinels of the Forest update brought to the Against the Storm a race of foxes, a fifth playful look, but the game already has new materials. In the last update, a terrible shipwreck appeared, new meetings with ghosts and much more.

Eremite Games developer notes "Very positive" Reception of foxes and says that the publication on the first page Steam helped to significantly increase the popularity of the game. Although the output of Sentinels of the Forest marks the end "most of the goals of early access provided by the road map", Eremite Games says there are still many interesting plans, and that a new roadmap will appear soon.

In the meantime, the update of Merchant Shipwreck begins with this – a huge destroyed ship, which can be found on one of the many forest glades in the game Against the Storm. Having found it, you can make two decisions, get an effect related to trade, which may have potentially unpleasant consequences, if you do not deal with it properly. In addition, Eremite Games added new solutions to some old events that previously proposed only one option.

Living matter was completely redesigned and now replaced with a bloody flower. Some other gaps were also filled: new acts corresponding to recently added modifiers, new meetings with ghosts (including some related to foxes) and several new orders requiring you to complete tasks, such as the completion of valuable trading routes or a quick expansion for several clearings.

In several places, changes were made to the balance sheet, which, according to Eremite Games, are not limited to simple numerical changes. The rating of trading routes is now charged depending on the number of amber sold, and not on the number of transactions made, the appearance of ghosts in the cursed royal forest was adjusted to reduce the likelihood of repeated meetings.

The interface also received some improvements, including methods of faster setting up production limits and a color coding system for more convenient reading of tips at first glance.

Against the Storm is available in early access to PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

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